Count down the end of 2016 with 12 Days of Doug

Is 2016 over yet? Watch 12 Days of Doug on TechCrunch for a new giggle-inducing gadget review everyday this year. What is left of it, at least.

Day 1: Doug sticks an anti-gravity phone case tostuff

Doug takes the almost-unbelievable stick-to-anything GOAT Case for a whirl. Will it just stick to everything unconditionally or will Doug be forced to lick the back of the case like some sort of robotic cat in order to make it work better? The answer may (not) surprise you.

Day 2: Doug washes dishes with a powerscrubber

Doug is in charge of the dishes in his household, which explains why hes in such good physical shape at 30 percent body fat. Even so, hes looking to clean smarter, not harder, and finds that the $16 Black & Decker Power Scrubber might just be the best $16 hes ever spent.

Day 3:Doug drinks coffee with aNinja

Doug visually offends everyone by rolling out of bed at 5am on a Monday to show off his Ninja Coffee Bar. Sofia Vergara makes a brief appearance, but not in Dougs home, unfortunately.

Day 4:Doug mirrors his laptop screen to hisRoku

Doug loves Rokus nearly endless parade of available content, but sometimes wants to watch stuff that isnt available. Luckily, slinging his computers display to his TV via Roku is as easy as falling in love thanks to the screen mirroring feature. Aamoth then offers to help you get a job with TechCrunch while simultaneously threatening to come after you like a tornado made of arms, teeth, and fingernails if you take HIS job.

Day 5:Doug buys a tiny USB travelmicrophone

Doug loves his Yeti microphone but its too big to lug around unless hes planning on getting in a bar brawl. He puts the diminutive Samson Go to the test to see if the $40 USB travel mic can hold its own.

Day 6:Doug tames his chronic bedhead

Its no surprise that Doug lives the thug life. As such, he (kinda, sorta) swears off showers for a week. But what about his hair? Watch as he puts the Morninghead bed-head eliminator to the test.

Day 7: Doug learns how to play Minesweeper


At almost 38 years old, Doug finally learns how to play Minesweeper. Then with the excitement of a toddler whos just eaten his first-ever donut, he teaches you how to play.

Day 8: Doug chews military-grade caffeinated gum


Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth sticks three pieces of Military Energy Gum in his mouth, starts sweating, and experiences what he perceives to be time moving more slowly than normal. Over roughly two and a half minutes of near-incoherent rambling, he finally evaluates the product.

Day 9: Doug finds a Google Chrome Easter egg

When he slams his fist down on his keyboard in anger, gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth discovers a delightful, addictive game hidden inside Googles Chrome web browser.

Day 10: Doug shares 13 actually useful OK Google commands


In this video, Doug haphazardly dismisses 85% of voice control as gimmicky and dumb but shares his 13 favorite OK Google voice commands.

Day 11: Doug turns a soda bottle into a shower


On a hot day in the big city, Doug takes the $13 Simple Shower portable camping shower for a spin.

Day 12: Doug shaves without making a mess


Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth comes away relatively impressed with the performance of the $11 Aptoco Beard Catcher Beard ApronTrim Your Beard In Minutes Without The Mess And Stop Clogging Your Sink and VERY impressed by the marketing team that named the product.

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