Elon Musk might start a literal boring company to tunnel under traffic

Multi-CEO and future builder Elon Musk may have been so frustrated by sitting in traffic that hes going to start yet another company a boring one. Yes,boring as in boring tunnels, using machine diggers to create undercut routes to alleviate surface traffic.

Musk tweeted Saturday about being struck by inspiration for this new venture, making a series of boring puns before tweeting a seeming confirmation that hes actually going to take this on as a serious pursuit:

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is prone to goofs, but hes seldom been known to troll quite so hard as to say outright that he genuinely wants to do something in quite this way. Musk also changed his Twitter bio to include Tunnels (yes, tunnels) alongside Tesla, SpaceX and OpenAI as his current pursuits.

Heres the thing about these tweets they sound like a pretty juvenile response to encountering traffic; youre average imaginative teenager has probably come up with two scenarios for getting around it: A) flying cars, and B) tunnelling under. But Musks reputation means he might actually have put some genuine thought into this from a feasibility perspective, and at least conceived of some kind of rough roadmap.

If, that is, he isnt just massively trolling as part of his unpredictable and unfiltered Twitter persona. For what its worth, I think hes being genuine and that means one more huge mountain to climb or in this case, dig under for techs most ambitious impresario.

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