Heres how to track Santa on Christmas Eve

As per tradition, Googles Santa Trackerislive today across Android, Google Maps, and, helpingparents and children alike track Santas journey from the North Pole as he begins to deliver Christmas presents all over the world. iOS users can also keep an eye on Santa using the Google Maps app on their iPhone or iPad, plus Santas journey can be streamed to your TV via Chromecast, says Google.

You can ask Google Assistant about Santa, too, by saying things like Wheres Santa? or Track Santa. You can even ask it to tell you a Santa joke.


But Googles Santa Tracker website is really the one to visit these days, as it goes far beyond simply plotting good ol Kris Kringle on the map.The site itself has beenfilling throughout the monthwith activities for the little ones, including anumber of games and videos featuringcute animated characters, as well as educational material about the place whereSanta is now. Kids can see a photo from that city and read a short description.


A real-time tracker on the site also lets kids see exactly how far away Santa is from them, how many gifts hes delivered so far, and most importantly how long it will be until he reaches their house.

And at the bottom of the page, a link will take you over to Santas village, a site thats a mini-town filled with more games, places to explore, and other spots where kidscan learn a new skill. For example, a learn to code game teaches programming basics by piecing togetherpictures of holiday characters, like elves and reindeer, before advancing to harder tasks. Another has you ordering shapes to make a picture of a snowflake.

A different learningspot takes advantage of Google Translate to teach kids how to say things like Santa Claus and Ho Ho Ho in other languages.

While Googles Santa Tracker can keep children engaged for quite some time, its not the only tracking siteavailable.

The classic NORAD Santa tracker got its start over 60 years ago, and also tallies the gifts delivered, time to Santas next stop, and where Santa was last seen.But compared with Googles fun-filled site, NORADs is a little boring. Its just an animated Santa sleigh and reindeer flying across a map. And although there are photos of where Santa has been, clicking on them only pops up a Wikipedia page.


But both sites can serve a purpose, though! If you want to distract the kids so you can get some last-minute gift wrapping done, point them to Googles. If its time for bed, load up NORADs site instead. Theyll tire of it quickly, and be lulled to sleep.

Image credits: Google, Android Police, NORAD

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