Microsofts Surface event and Apples Mac event preview: Listen to TCBC 7 with Romain Dillet

This weeks TCBC podcast is all about events: Microsofts and Apples, both of which happen this week and both of which will be covered by Romain Dillet, who joins as my guest for the episode. Were fresh from watching and writing about Microsofts event earlier today, where it revealed its Surface Studio PC and a host of software improvements coming to Windows 10 with the Creators Update.

Romain provides some perspective on Microsofts announcements around VR and mixed reality, as well as some insight into what the company hopes to achieve with its new Beam game streaming services. We also talk a bit about the historical appeal of the Surface lineup, and how the Surface Studio might change that target audience.

As for Apples Mac event, we dont have to wait long to find out whats revealed, but we provide a pretty good summary of what to expect from tomorrows event. We also talk about AirPods, but keep in mind this is just before our esteemed boss revealed that they would not in fact be arriving this month as originally planned. We still get to look forward to a new MacBook Pro, however, and thats a very exciting prospect, given how long its gone without an update.

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