Mike Pence Gets ‘Booed Like Crazy’ And Schooled At ‘Hamilton’

When Vice President-elect Mike Pence went out for a night of theater in Manhattan, he probably didn’t expect to be the opening act.

Some of the attendees at a Friday night showing of “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Founding Fathers-themed Broadway musical, were apparently not thrilled to see the Indiana governor at the show.

They booed Pence as he found his seat. 

There was some clapping and a few stray cheers, but in the video above, many of the theatergoers don’t sound very happy to have Donald Trump’s No. 2 man in the audience.

According to a tweet from Twitter user Christy Colburn, the crowd “booed him like crazy” and reacted to a few script lines in particular.


At the end of the show, the cast had a few choice words for Pence’s benefit too. A lesson from the past to the present.

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