Seth Meyers: It’s Time To Retire The Term ‘Fake News’

Seth Meyers thinks that fake news as a term is busted.

And the Late Night host says its all because ofDonald Trump, who used the phrase during Wednesdays press conference to describe CNN and attackunsubstantiated claimsin a dossier alleging that Russia has compromisingpersonal and financial information on the president-elect.

Today, Trump called these new reports fake news,so despite an incredibly short run, I think it is time to retire that term, said Meyers, who added that the words used to mean one thing, but now everyone is using it for everything.

Fake news as a term is busted, he said. It was like the first time you heard your dad say fo shizzle and immediately thought, Well, thats over.

Meyers also used his Couple Things segment to call out BuzzFeed over publishing the unverified reports in the first place.

He added that the entire episode was ironic because Trump himself had, via hisbirther movement,built his political career spreading a false and outrageous claim about President [Barack] Obama, and continued making baseless allegations throughout the campaign.

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