Teen Called Out Her Schools Sexist Dress Code In Hilarious Yearbook Quote

Tori DiPaolo is soover her schools sexist dress code.

The senior at West Milford High School in New Jersey called out her schools dress code in her yearbook quote. Im sorry, did my shoulders distract you from reading this quote? DiPaolos quote reads underneath her senior photo.

DiPaolo tweeted her senior yearbook photo and quote on June 13 with the caption: Tori: 1; Dress Code: 0.

According to Yahoo Style, West Milford High Schools official dress code prohibits halters, half-shirts, shorts, or sweaters and blouses that expose breasts or stomachs. DiPaolo told Yahoo that she became a bit infamous for fighting her school administration on its dress code.

The teen told HuffPost she chose that quote because she found it ironic.

I chose my senior quote because I found it ironic that the classic robes we take pictures in technically violated dress code, she said. Really, I just wanted to get a few laughs.

Similar to many other dress code issuesthat have surfaced on the internet, DiPaolo said her schools dress code is inherently sexist because its only enforced for women.

While my school as well as most others have dress codes that apply to boys and girls its usually only girls that get dress code violations, she said. My schools dress code prohibits boys from wearing muscle shirts but they do all the time and dont get in trouble yet, when my bra strap accidentally slips I have to miss class time to go change. I just think dress codes need to be enforced on both genders if youre going to choose to have one. But really, people not being allowed to wear tank tops is ridiculous, no one is distracted by shoulders and thats really where I got the inspiration for my quote.

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