The winner of ZTEs crowdsourcing project is a phone with eye-tracking

Color me disappointed. I mean, congratulations to the winners and all, but a big part of me was sincerely hoping that ZTEs CSX project would open the door to the creation of a truly bizarre device completely outside of the mobile companys wheelhouse.

There was that probably dangerous diving mask with AR functionality built in to make swimming pools more interesting and the robotic glove designed to teach people how to play the piano and such.


Ultimately, one of the more mundane devices won out. Its not quite Stock Android Flagship Phone, but Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive Phone isnt exactly the stuff of industry disruption. But, then, the submission got 36-percent of the audiences vote, so some people are clearly excited about the idea.

Essentially the phone will let users scroll and perform other tasks via eye tracking something akin to what weve seen offered up on older Samsung devices. Also, its back is self-adhesive, so you can stick it to walls. There are still a few steps left in the crowdsourcing process, like choosing colors and naming the thing, with the final product expected to go to market some time next year.

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