Timeulars neat little device to make time tracking fun is now on sale via Kickstarter

Last weekwe wrote about Timeular, a nifty little box that makes the dreadedchore of tracking your time at work easy, and now it is available on Kickstarter.

Essentially it is an eight-sided devicethat is Bluetooth-enabled and acts as a timer. You simply program each side to a different task and tipitwhen youre working on a particular task or change to another.

The polyhedron is called the Zei and costs 69 (just under$79) for the first 1,000early birds, and then 79 ($89) thereafter. Theres a cheaper option for a DIY model (39) and, at the higher end, a series of packages that look targeted at larger companies with many employees that fill out timesheets for their work. That could be a legal practice, marketing agency or any business that works with clients and/or bills based on time.

Timeular was developed over a paid beta testing period that filled up quickly when announced earlier this year. Aside from the hardware,it includes compatible apps for tracking time spent on work and assigning tasks to the box. Theres also a pro version of the softwarewithfeatures designed to boost productivity.Timeular CEOManuel Bruschitold us last week that theteamis working to developa productivity recommendation system, too.

The Austria-based company is aiming to raise75,000 from this crowdfunding campaign you can find full details on itsKickstarter page here.